Up (2009)

Animation, Comedy, Family, Adventure
Carl Fredricksen spent his entire life dreaming of exploring the globe and experiencing life to its fullest. But at age 78, life seems to have passed him by, until a twist of fate (and a persistent 8-year old Wilderness Explorer named Russell) gives him a new lease on life.

Up Film Info

Score: 7.9/10 van 15879 stemmen
Status: Released IMDb
Release Datum: 2009-05-28
Lengte: 96 Minuut / 1:36
Regisseur: Pete Docter
Schrijvers Bob Peterson, Pete Docter.
website: http://disney.go.com/disneypictures/up/
Productie Studio: Pixar
Productie Land: United States of America

Up Trailer

Edward Asner
als Carl Fredricksen (voice)
Christopher Plummer
als Charles F. Muntz (voice)
Jordan Nagai
als Russell (voice)
Bob Peterson
als Dug / Alpha (voice)
Delroy Lindo
als Beta (voice)
Jerome Ranft
als Gamma (voice)
John Ratzenberger
als Construction Foreman Tom (voice)
David Kaye
als Newsreel Announcer (voice)
Elie Docter
als Young Ellie (voice)
Jeremy Leary
als Young Carl (voice)
Mickie McGowan
als Police Officer Edith (voice)
Danny Mann
als Construction Worker Steve (voice)
Donald Fullilove
als Nurse George (voice)
Jess Harnell
als Nurse AJ (voice)
Josh Cooley
als Omega (voice)
Pete Docter
als Campmaster Strauch (voice)
Mark Andrews
als Additional Voices (voice)
Bob Bergen
als Additional Voices (voice)
Brenda Chapman
als Additional Voices (voice)
Emma Coats
als Additional Voices (voice)
John Cygan
als Additional Voices (voice)
Paul Eiding
als Additional Voices (voice)
Tony Fucile
als Additional Voices (voice)
Teresa Ganzel
als Additional Voices (voice)
Sherry Lynn
als Additional Voices (voice)
Laraine Newman
als Additional Voices (voice)
Teddy Newton
als Additional Voices (voice)
Jeff Pidgeon
als Additional Voices (voice)
Valerie LaPointe
als Additional Voices (voice)
Jan Rabson
als Additional Voices (voice)
Bob Scott
als Additional Voices (voice)
Andrew Stanton Executive Producer
Bob Peterson Screenplay
Bob Peterson Story
Bob Peterson Co-Director
John Lasseter Executive Producer
Ben Burtt Sound Effects
Darla K. Anderson Thanks
Ralph Eggleston Lighting Director
Daniel Gerson Thanks
Harley Jessup Lighting Director
Jean-Claude Kalache Director of Photography
Katherine Sarafian Thanks
Ricky Nierva Production Design
Angus MacLane Animation
Robert L. Baird Thanks
Jonas Rivera Producer
Lou Romano Lighting Director
Patrick Lin Director of Photography
Gregg Olsson Layout
Robert Anderson Layout
Mark Sanford Layout
Brett Pulliam Animation
Gini Cruz Santos Animation
Scott Clark Supervising Animator
Shawn Krause Animation Director
Brett Coderre Animation
Doug Dooley Animation
Nancy Kato Animation
Tim Crawfurd Animation
Ike Feldman Animation
Wendell Lee Animation
Daniel Mason Animation
Andrew L. Schmidt Animation
Patty Kihm Stevenson Animation
Dave Mullins Animation Director
Michael Venturini Animation Director
Kureha Yokoo Animation
Ron Zorman Animation
Paul Mendoza Animation
Katherine Ringgold Editor
Mark Nielsen Production Manager
Steve May Supervising Technical Director
Paul Cichocki Post Production Supervisor
John Hazelton Projection
Doc Kane ADR & Dubbing
Michael Silvers Supervising Sound Editor
Dennie Thorpe Foley
Jana Vance Foley
Noah Newman Post Production Coordinator
Pete Docter Screenplay
Pete Docter Director
Pete Docter Story
Steve Jobs Thanks
Teresa Eckton Sound Effects Editor
Tom Myers Sound Designer
Tom Myers Supervising Sound Editor
Tom Myers Sound Re-Recording Mixer
David Munier Shading
Michael Giacchino Music
Stephen M. Davis Music Editor
Tom McCarthy Story
Julie Lynn Script Consultant
Tim Simonec Orchestrator
Kevin Reher Casting
Andrew Cadelago Layout
Dan Wallin Sound Mixer
Ronald G. Roumas Sound Recordist
Tony Sereno Sound Mix Technician
Rodrigo Blaas Animation
Adrian Warren Thanks
Jonathan Null Foley Editor
Chris Montan Executive Music Producer
Natalie Lyon Casting
Denise Ream Associate Producer
Cameron Patrick Musician
David Slusser Music Editor
Greg Dykstra Sculptor
Ronnie del Carmen Script Supervisor
Richard Snyder Shading
Kyle Ranson-Walsh Animation Department Coordinator
Tom MacDougall Music Supervisor
Bob Whitehill Visual Effects Supervisor
Michael Semanick Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Clint Smith Sound Recordist
Louis Clichy Animation
Jason Boose Animation
Pascal Garneau Foley Editor
Simon Allen Animation
J.R. Grubbs Sound Effects Editor
Al Nelson Sound Effects Editor
Kevin Rose-Williams Additional Editorial Assistant
Erik Langley Art Department Coordinator
A.J. Riebli III Animation Manager
Laura Leganza Reynolds Editorial Manager
Mark Dinicola Camera Operator
Susan Bradley Title Designer
Caroline Grubb Thanks
Vince Caro ADR & Dubbing
Norman Ludwin Musician
Dustin Cawood Sound Design Assistant
Kevin Nolting Editor
Terry Claborn Color Timer
Lorien McKenna Script Supervisor
Luis Alarcon-Cisneros Craft Service
Gregory Amundson Associate Editor
Steve Slanec ADR Editor
Jeanne Applegate Editorial Production Assistant
Frank Rinella Foley
Cassandra Barbour Thanks
Stephanie Hamilton Art Department Coordinator
Shannon Ryan Editorial Manager
Michal Makarewicz Animation
Vladimir Kooperman Animation
Ian Megibben Master Lighting Artist
Mach Tony Kobayashi Shading
Christina Garcia Weiland Set Dressing Artist
Mark C. Harris Animation
Luke Martorelli Master Lighting Artist
Marc Sondheimer Finance
Jesse Hollander Master Lighting Artist
Aaron Hartline Animation
Shaun Chacko Animation
Michael Stocker Animation
Luigi Passalacqua Craft Service
Gerald E. Hackett III Security
Lloyd Bernberg Sequence Leads
Tom Boyd Musician
James Thatcher Musician
Daniel Arriaga Production Artist
Noah Klocek Production Artist
Jennifer Birmingham Art Department Manager
Thomas Gonzales Assistant Editor
C.J. Hsu Assistant Editor
Amera Rizk Assistant Editor
Dallis Anderson Editorial Coordinator
Mahyar Abousaeedi Layout
Josh Anon Layout
Sukwon Park Layout
Mark Shirra Layout
Matthew Silas Layout
Sylvia Gray Wong Layout
Jeff Wan Camera Operator
Eric Pearson Post-Production Manager
Freesia Pearson Post Production Assistant
Doug Sheppeck Animation
Kevin Chesnos Animation
Simon Christen Animation
K. C. Roeyer Animation
Don Crum Animation
Steve Mason Animation
Jean-Claude Tran Animation
Everett Downing Jr. Animation
Austin Madison Animation
Charles Paley Music Editor
Joseph Tiboni Thanks
Daniel Lopez Muñoz Art Direction
Susan Frank Lighting Coordinator
Russell J. Stough Animation Department Coordinator
Lindsay Andrus Fix Animator
Guillaume Chartier Fix Animator
Ye Won Cho Master Lighting Artist
Chris Chua Animation
Eric S. Degner Fix Animator
Airton Dittz Jr. Master Lighting Artist
Craig Foster Graphic Designer
Aron Hatfield Animation
Travis Hathaway Animation
Neil Helm Fix Animator
Tsung-Yin Hsieh Fix Animator
Guilherme Sauerbronn Jacinto Animation
Rob Jensen Animation
Bruce Kuei Animation
John Chun Chiu Lee Animation
Holger Leihe Animation
Matt Majers Animation
Andrew Pienaar Sequence Leads
Andreas Procopiou Animation
Amber Rudolph Animation
Brett Schulz Animation
Terry Song Fix Animator
Michael Sparber Sequence Leads
Peter Sumanaseni Master Lighting Artist
Raphael Suter Animation
Maria Yershova Master Lighting Artist
Tom Zach Animation
Andrew Page Music Director
Megan Albert Finance
Nancy Garretson Case Finance
Rachel Ergas Finance
Heather Feng Administration
Timothy Glass Finance
Kentaro Hinoki Finance
Heather D.C. Jackson Finance
Michelle Moretta Administration
Rosana Neciuk Finance
Tanya Oskanian Administration
Kristina Ruud Finance
Michelle Simons Finance
Wendy Dale Tanzillo Administration
Shari Villarde Finance
Deana Walker Finance
Annette Wang Finance
Brian Boyd Master Lighting Artist
Steven James Master Lighting Artist
Michael Kilgore Shading
Jae Hong Kim Master Lighting Artist
Chris King Simulation & Effects Artist
Sudeep Rangaswamy Sequence Leads
Karl Vincent Musician
Jeff Bunnell Musician
Mark Gasbarro Musician
Anna Noakes Musician
Dovi Anderson Animation
Jae Hyung Kim Fix Animator
Dan Nguyen Animation
Jennifer Johnston Craft Service
Becky Neiman Lighting Manager
Mark Joseph Finance
Karen Perry Finance
Sue Williams Finance
Marlon Castro Security
Paul Chideya Security
Richard Cogger Security
Joni Superticioso Security
Charu Clark Master Lighting Artist
Jonathan Pytko Sequence Leads
Bolhem Bouchiba Animation
Veronica Watson Script Coordinator
Adam Burke Animation
Doug Frankel Animation
Ken Kim Animation
Kevin O'Hara Animation
David Earl Smith Animation
Rob Duquette Thompson Animation
Michael Wu Animation
Stephen L. Wong Animation
Sequoia Blankenship Fix Animator
Esdras Varagnolo Master Lighting Artist
Miriam Mayer Musician
Cynthia Slavens Post Production Supervisor
Marc S. Greenberg Finance
Paul Baker Production Office Assistant
Amy Hale Art Department Assistant
James Handelin Systems Administrators & Support
Marguerite Enright Administration
Mickayela Jade Beatty Administration
Jaclyn Simon Animation Department Coordinator
Curran W. Giddens Animation
Rich McKain Animation
Kristoff Vergne Animation
Rob Rieders Legal Services
Jody Weinberg Silverman Legal Services
Christina F. Julian Production Office Assistant
Jonathen Collins Animation
Becki Tower Fix Animator
Roger Rose Animation
Keith Kops Security
Candelaria Lozano Craft Service
Olga Velaszquez Craft Service
Neftalí Álvarez 'El Magnífico' Thanks
Nathan Nance Sound Mix Technician
Daniel Combs Administration
Kaitlin Hendrick Administration
Jennifer M. McCormick Administration
Lauren Grbich Craft Service
Fidel Guzman Craft Service
Erika Lamb Craft Service
Marie Nilsson Craft Service
Greer Nuttall Craft Service
John Ricks Craft Service
Samantha Wilson Craft Service
Corbin Young Craft Service
Leah Marshall Legal Services
Bob Roden Legal Services
Carrie Winchell Legal Services
Melissa Fuller Post Production Assistant
William Erik Evans Production Office Assistant
Timothy Kennelly Projection
Peter Matthew Bontrager Security
Al Cimino Security
Ramon Hannon Security
Kristine Javier Security
Raymond List Security
Jean C. Luevano Security
Marisa Mariscal Security
Noah Skinner Security
Brian Wright Script Coordinator
Pamela Darrow Lighting Manager
Bertrand Chung Fix Animator
Joseph Mingoo Lee Fix Animator
Alexander Adell Shading
Benjamin Beech Shading
Neil Blevins Shading
Weera Tom Wichitsripornkul Shading
Yoshi DeHerrera VFX Artist
Lois Scali Thanks
Jim Stewart Thanks

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